LISTEN: Bibi's Impossible Victory and Israel's Coronavirus Blind Spots

Netanyahu grinds down Gantz to secure 18 more months at the helm, PLUS: Israel weighs tough measures to halt the spread of COVID-19, but neglect has already taken a toll. LISTEN FREE

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu are seen in a 2020 election poster.
Jack Gues / AFP

Host Simon Spungin is joined by Haaretz diplomatic correspondent Noa Landau to discuss Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s last-gasp election victory.

Netanyahu secured his impossible victory when chief rival Benny Gantz accepted an offer to join a Likud-led rotation government which will see him take over as prime minister in December 2021.

Haaretz Weekly Ep. 72

How did the Kahol Lavan leader go from "Anyone but Netanyahu" to agreeing to serve under an indicted prime minister? What will the new dis-unity government look like and what policies will it pursue once the health crisis is over? And has Gantz burning through any political credit he may have acrued during his breif political career?

We also discuss the marginalized minorities that the Israeli government has neglected and ignored over the years, and which are now paying the price as the coronavirus spreads.

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