Israeli Military Says It Downed Gaza Drone Over Mediterranean Sea

Suspicious drone was headed westward, rather than towards Israeli territory, in what they army says was 'an unusual occurrence'

Hamas gunmen shows what they claim a locally-made drone during a rally in Gaza City, December 14, 2014.
Khalil Hamra / AP

The Israeli military said that one of its fighter jets has downed a drone launched from the Gaza Strip on Thursday. 

Rather than flying towards Israeli territory, the drone was headed westward, over the Mediterranean Sea, "an unusual occurrence," according to the military's statement.

Two days of hostilities between Israel and factions within the Gaza Strip ended with a cease-fire on Tuesday, after over 50 rockets were launched at Israel from the Strip and Israel retaliated with strikes on Islamic Jihad targets within the coastal enclave and in Syria.

Despite the escalation, Hamas officials said that Israel will continue implementing Gaza economic relief measures reached in cease-fire talks over the past few weeks with Palestinian factions.   

In July, Israeli soldiers shot down a drone they identified crossing over from the Gaza Strip into Israel. Israeli radar systems identified a drone flying over the border in the northern Gaza Strip toward the nearby communities of Karmiya and Zikim. It was tracked for some time before the decision was made to down it.